Asheville, North Carolina

This was our first trip together via plane. We flew out of the Ithaca airport, unfortunately I booked a flight with 3 layovers. Our plan was to get into Asheville by 3pm on Friday but we ended up arriving closer to 9:30. As we pulled into ZenShe airbnb and walked in through the beautiful wooden doors, I felt like I had be transported into a dream of peace and tranquility. We were greeted by a sweet pup and the owners Pat & Betty (Pat also happens to be Alex’s Mom). The next morning while Alex was still in bed I made myself a cup of coffee and entered the backyard to sit and breathe in the morning. The grounds were manicured with perfection with a stream bed of rocks and flowers in full bloom.


  • Breakfast at King Daddy’s Chicken & Waffle – I had a local scallion and mushroom omelette with home fries and a biscuit. I am officially obsessed  biscuits. The softness and flakiness makes my heart sing.
  • On Sunday morning we had brunch at Sunny Point Cafe  When they say angel biscuits they mean it. Jam & butter on this biscuit I thought I died and gone to heaven. The maple and peppercorn bacon was also out of this world.IMG_1538


  • We had a great time at Bhramari brewery in downtown Asheville.  The space was a great mixture of indoor/outdoor seating with a working brewhouse in the main bar room.  From the smells and howls coming from the brewers, I could tell they were almost finished mashing out.  They had a great mixture of beer, along with several house made non alcoholic cocktails like kombucha and brewed tea, all on tap.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Molly’s Lips black gose while sitting on the patio watching a game of corn hole.  I even brought a 6 pack of Lorelai IPA cans with me on my three and a half hour float down the French Broad River.

    In the photo next to the Bhramari van, Mariah is wearing the Kimchi Blue Deveraux twist maxi dress from Urban Outfitters.


  • In West Asheville we had the opportunity to spend time at the newly opened Archetype brewery  which, like most breweries in Asheville, made great use of the outdoor space.  The large open doors and patios in the front and back of the brewery let a breeze blow through the whole place.  The beer was delicious and while they did not serve food, Pizza Mind was adjacent to the space and had no problem supplying customers with what looked like delicious pizza.
  •  Unfortunately we did not indulge in the pizza, as we where on our way to Limones Restaurant downtown which is not to be missed!  Not only was the food great, but one of the waiters and I had a laugh about the song Business Time.

Outdoor Adventures

  • Our first day in Asheville we spend 3 hours lazily floating down the French Broad river. We rented two very comfortable floaties and and even a floaty for the cooler with Zen Tubing for $45 and they even lent us a cooler. In the last 45 mins of our first trip we got caught in a down pour, I thought I wasn’t going to live but Alex was as cool as a cucumber.
  • On the second day we headed 45 mins out of Asheville we found Sliding rock in the Pisgah National Forest. Most of the cars were parked on the side of the road. And the entrance to sliding rock we each payed $2 and had the chance to get a ride on big slide.

  1. I’m impressed with your descriptions of the Asheville area. King Daddy’s & Sunny Point Cafe are two of our favorite haunts. Asheville is a great place to live & to visit. Went to Sliding Rock a long, long time ago with my sister’s family. I didn’t have the guts to go down the slide buy some of the family did. This blog is a great idea….Mariah Rose Dahl.


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