Glass Animals, Wood Bull antiques, SUP all in Cooperstown, NY

As I sit here in our AirBnB in the Hamptons, I realize that I can’t yet write about this exciting adventure until I finish my post about my trip to Cooperstown a few weeks ago.

Recently I had the opportunity to watch Glass Animals and Little Dragon  at Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, NY. Every summer Dan Small Presents put’s on an amazing line up on concerts at the brewery. It’s a beautiful setting in the rolling hills of upstate, that night we could not have asked for more perfect summer night.

My partner in crime Wendy and myself drove up from Ithaca. It’s a pretty scenic 3 hour drive. Ommegang does offer camping at their concerts but Wendy and I opted for a hotel for the night. Cooperstown is also home of the “baseball hall of fame” and this weekend also happened to be a huge weekend for baseball fans.

The show was epic, and I have been a long time fan of Little Dragon and over the past two years had fallen in love with glass animals after randomly finding their music video for Gooey on you tube. Dan hooked us up with some back stage passes, being that close and not in the crowed of drunken teenagers. After the show and we were all hanging out backstage, I decided before we left that I must tell the lead singer of glass animals that he had the best dance movies I have ever seen  and she should really consider making an aerobics video. He laughed when I told him this and said one would be coming out this Christmas season, he was kidding.

On my way out of town in the morning, on the verge of should I stay or should I go, I stumbled across at gem, Kayak and canoe rentals and sales. But it just so happened they had a great selection of stand up paddle boards and I was able to rent a beautiful Bic Sup touring board. I chatted with the owner briefly who was very friendly and suggested some nice routes on the river. I spent around  2 hours on a leisure paddle down the river.

Note: when you leave the dock and go to the right, you can only go so far and then you get to a dam but it you go to left it will take you all the way to the lake.


I decided since I was here I should took a trip to Wood Bull Antiques. This place which is worth the entire trip to Cooperstown alone. I was happy surprised to discover a whole foods – Vegan Food truck, which also have to be owned previously by a local Ithaca as the Star Stuck. This food was perfect after a afternoon paddle. I ate in the sun, then poked around Wood bull.

I chatted with a woman for a little at the shop she was super sweet, and it was nice to just chat with someone at a shop instead feeling you are just trying to be sold something. I couldn’t help but leave with a stone statue of a goddess of some sort.






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