Robbie’s huge tarpon + Key Largo in 4 days

Outdoor Adventures

Was lucky enough to spend 4 days with my Dad in Key Largo this March. We have been trying to make it a tradition on going on one trip just the two of us. This trip was pretty amazing! We stayed at the Marriott Resort- Key Largo. And for whatever reason they upgraded us to a room with the ocean view. It was the second week in March, and the ideal time to hit the keys because it wasn’t tourist season yet but the weather was hot & beautiful. My Dad had been down here a few years ago and had a good lay of the land. The first thing we did after checking in the hotel was hit the best water outdoor sports store in Key Largo, Florida Bay Outfitters and paddle sport center. The staff were super friendly and treated us like family. Not only do they rent a ton of different kind of SUPS but they also rented me a Pau Hana 12’6 racing board. But the real reason we were there was for the *bells ring* Hobie mirage adventure island, we took out the tandom for a couple hours. On the third day their we went to rent the tandem out and it was already rented! Then my Dad informed me that today I was going to learn how to sail the single mirage adventure Island. I was in for a treat!

The second coolest, a little south of Key Largo was feeding the Tarpon at Robbie’s. For 4 bucks they let you in and 2 bucks gets you a bucket of fish. Careful because a pelican might snatch it out of your hand before it even gets to the Tarpon. These Tarpon were HUGE, I’m talking some were 6 feet long. I thought I stepped on a ladies shoe but when I turned around to apologize, it was a pelican’s foot I stepped on.  My apologies Mr. Pelican but it gave my Dad and I a good laugh.



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